Wardrobe Doors

Here at Sliders we want it to be as easy as possible for you to choose your own unique wardrobe design, below are 5 simple stages you need to follow to help us, help you.

Feel free to click the thumbnails to gain a better view of our product options.

1. The first step is simple, you just need to decide on how many doors is suitable for you in your brand new wardrobe. We offer wardrobes with 2 to 5 doors as seen below.

2. We have a range of door styles available for you to choose from, from simple to a little more stylised, we’re sure we have the one that’s right for you.

3. We offer a range of frame profiles so you can complete your frame design in the style that best suits you.

4. Profiles

5. Our selection of wood and glass gives you the ability to truly make your wardrobe doors unique, see what’s right for you.



6. Finally you need to measure up, we have a useful easy to understand guide below on how you can do this below.

How to measure the required area for your brand new sliding wardrobe:

1. Measure points A B and C. Maximum opening height 2490mm. (If there is a difference between measurements A, B or C, this means that your ceiling and floor are not parallel, your sliding doors will be made to fit the smaller of the three height dimensions.)

2. Measure Points D and E. Maximum opening width 5000mm. (If there is a difference between measurements D and E this means that your walls are not parallel, your sliding doors will be made to fit the larger of the two widths.)

3. All items are made according to your measurements. Please make a note of measurements A to E (as indicated on the diagram.) Products cannot be refunded or exchanged due to incorrect sizes, so please double check and then check again.